Production services

Full-service production

For video capture we offer in-house or location services for multi-camera shoots and streaming, location audio, lighting and technical crew.

The recording studio combines state-of-the-art digital technology with analogue and vintage channels for acoustic ensembles or digital composition.

5.1 Surround sound production complements our love of Ambisonic recording.

Surround sound recording can be captured both in the studio
- and more importantly on location.

We can record in any environment to capture and edit sonic qualities for all kinds of locations, in nature, industry or anywhere. Creating immersive soundscape designs.

This complements our film-making and video productions. VR and gaming increasingly use Ambisonics and 5.1 and 8D production to complement visual movement within digital spaces.

Our in-house team comprises 4 technicians, 2 editors, a producer and 2 camera operators.

Get in touch for a quote for your project.

Examples of our recent work can be found HERE

Video and Photography

Showreel services:

Monologue: 1 hour studio and fully produced file. 190€

Duologue: 2 hours studio, 2 crew. Final edit. 340€

Location based duologue: 2.5 hours location, 2 crew. Final edit. 440€

Photography services: Portraits, Headshots. Also artwork for print.

Headshots for actors:

75€ - 40 minute studio session. One change. 6 finished shots.
95€ - 60 minute outdoor and studio session. Two changes. 8 finished shots.

For all other photo services, please contact us directly.

Music and Voice recording

Minimum studio rental is 2 hours, with a technician included.

2 Hours - 100€ + IVA
4 Hours - 175€ + IVA
8 Hours - 320€ + IVA

Voice-over reels, Vocal singing demo reels and Vocal auditions.
Please visit our website - Demos de Voz

Studio Rental - Video/Photography

Minimum 2 hours studio space, basic lights - 90€ + IVA
Half day, 4 hours studio space, basic lights - 140€ + IVA
Full day, 8 hours studio space, basic lights - 220€ + IVA

Basic photo lighting pack:
2 x 400W TTL and 1 x 300W TTL flash units plus Hot shoe trigger.
Reflectors, diffusers, beauty dish, softboxes.

Basic video lighting pack:
3 x LED panels, stands, 1 x Fresnel, diffusers, soft boxes, 2 x C-stands.

All fees are paid in full before the session begins.
A 50% deposit is required at booking.
Deposits can only be returned with at least 3 days notice of cancellation.